Liquid in a state of equilibrium applies pressure on the objects it touches, including its container. There exist two types of force, hydrostatic energies and external forces. When applied against a level surface, the liquid exerts equal force against all points of that surface. An object that’s extensively submerged in a fluid that’s… Read More

You will find great cultural diversity throughout the many different countries that make up the Americas and the Caribbean, from the northern tip of Canada to Cape Horn in the south, as well as dazzling landscapes. The Caribbean is certainly deserving of its reputation for a laid-back, calm lifestyle, though each island from Aruba and Antigua to St… Read More

There appears to be a special tour for every destination! Is walking better for you or would you want a bicycle to get about? Maybe you’re a wine connoisseur or a foodie. Do you enjoy the company of other people when you take a trip, or would you prefer to go it alone? Is your perfect getaway one adventure after the other? Or, are you more d… Read More

After a long week, sometimes a quick getaway can replenish your batteries and renew your energy. Although finding the right place for such a short trip is not always easy. The following is a list of some great spots for a weekend trip you will love. New York City Depending on where you reside, The Big Apple can be reached quite easily by flying, dr… Read More

Let's face it: One of the greatest parts about organizing a wedding is that you get to take an fabulous vacation after your "I do’s." One thing cruise lines and resorts have come to realize is that more and more newly married couples want exclusive honeymoon packages designed just for them. Some of the very first experiences newlyweds should… Read More